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  1. Happy New Years Everyone i know you hate me but i don't care
  2. JK I ma staying in here i did not come here to waste my money
  3. I am going to leave this community i found a better one you can take my mod and everything i dont care. If i come back tell me to leave what ever you want to do with rank anything you can take it away bye i think it was a good time on the server and everyone i played with and everyone i killed no one was ever nice on the forums (putin um you need to go on the server more because if you went on more you would want to change it.I dont think i am coming back . I hope this Forum become nice because it is the worst . If you want to kick me ban me i dont mind . Thanks to (Alpha, Lonlywolf , Foxorio,Putin , BYE
  4. na mateÂ
  5. i wanted to post another pic but to big, that is what she said (but to big) Â
  6. she had my computer for 2 days Â
  7. my god what did my sister do Â
  8. lol good for me i am on google Â
  9. #1 why you go to hate #2 who the fuck wants to look ant your foot #3 who was the fight with ? and did you get shit onÂ
  10. also am i the only girl ? if so wow  Â
  11. LOL also need you on server pls i went somewhere last night and i couldn't go on the server (at the club) Â Â
  12. close it or do you want me to close it and can you come on the server pls Â
  13. Â that is my faceÂ
  14. - Support who wants to chat with there gang they can use SkypeÂ
  15. +Support the kidnap thing that we have now people never go with you they fail rp.  Â