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  1. I should get my rank as master back :3
  2. Idk

  3. yes I am BreTT (Little Bae was my old name) ok so basically in the fottage you could see i died early on. when i was outside Method was standing on the window sill lockpicking it(i do not know how he got there) i saw him lockpicking and assumed that is what happened, sorry that i fucked up
  4. i didnt know if we already had a TS but if not we should get one
  5. Your name: Steam : BreTT, ingame : Little Bae Your ban length: 1 week Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:85656506 Banned by: idk Reason: fucking with other users props Involved: noone Omitted From Deciding: Why we should unban you: it was a mistake.... I acidentally unforze a prop by clicking on it.... I am sorry tp whoever banned me... I'm also staff and Aeagle eye told me the server was going to shit one day and i want to help administrate again
  6. pls add your steam ID Â
  7. Your name: steam - §-Little Bae-§ RP - Little Bae Your ban length: 7 days (one week) Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:85656506 Banned by: Baker100ful Server name: non-wiremod "Eugecus Roleplay |Custom|Friendly Reason: mass pk leave to avoid punishment Involved: well idk who the admin was but Lonely Wolf sent me here... Why we should unban you: I think I should be unbanned for this short and simple reason : i was banned while offline, I got off the server yesterday (was kicked after an accidental RDM) went and ate dinner (while still off) then about an hour later (bc i played some CS:GO) I tried to get on and was banned..... I'm very sad bc I love this server... thanks for reading and please consider my unban....... OK I am adding to this so first of all i pked myslef, yes several times. I was told by I beleive Loco Coco to stop and I did. the kick still did haooen, and so did the rest.... still I only ever pked myslef.....  --Ban information - Added by Administrator-- ^^^whoever added that, thanks^^^