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  1. And the stars look very different today...
  2. Same here. Insult me anytime you want, I don't care. Just expect to be insulted back. In a jokingly manner of course.
  3. I was a witness to him being banned.... I think console was just being a bitch.
  4. Your Steam ID: nopityno Your In-game Name: Melon God Abusers Steam Name: goof Abusers Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:71741527 Time/Date: 4:00 PM-4:30 PM (Maybe earlier) Evidence of Abuse: (Last time I checked it wasn't finished processing but I think you can downlaod it) Server of Incident: (CF or Wiremod) CF... ithink Other Information: Mass RDM in spawn, Gave another player admin, RDM while cloaked and god mode on, raiding as Civ, Propkill, Mass Banning Players, Mass Jaiuling Players, Server Takeover
  5. First of all,I had proof. Second of all, I did not steal the galil from the floor. A gun dealer came to the PD upon request and sold us the guns. Also, when Baker100ful called you, you ignored the admin sit because you have a higher rank.  It is abuse, because, as a Global Master Elite, no-one can kick/ban you. You did not jail yourself for 120 minutes/kick yourself, becaus it would have said in chat "Someone has jailed/kicked Skybolt. reason : blah blah" or something like that. Unless I wasn't paying attention, it did not say that. Also, if you buy a position of authority like that, you should not be breaking any rules. It sets a bad example, and it makes new players not want to play on the server. NOTE: Ryan Vergo (I think hios last name is this), a Head Admin, also had dealt with RDMx3 that Skybolt did. Sadly, he said he couldn't do anything because Skybolt had a higher rank than him.Â
  6. Your Steam ID: lolno Your In-game Name: Melon god Abusers Steam Name: Skybolt Abusers Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:60784507 Time/Date: Around 7:00 PM- 9/26/15 Evidence of Abuse: Server of Incident: CF Other Information: RDMx2. One time was in a sit. Hes been doing this all day, but I only just got proof. I might record him again, so please do not close unless I request.
  7. Guys this video has the main proof- If you go to 32 minutes, you will see that he deleted my base, the doors, and kicked me for false reasons. I record most of my time at Eugecus for reasons like this. If you are bored enogh, you will see times where Ryan (Idk his steam ID) also abused. After 32:00, it is mostly Vincent's abuse, him deleting all the doors in the server, and being a general asshat.
  8. Â Part of it, but i don't have proof.However, if you go to 32 minutes on the google drive link, he did the same thing to me, then kicked me for false reasons.
  9. Thanks! Also, considering you are the most online FMod, could you take a look at this? Requesting Close. (thanks for all the info guys, you cleared up some questions I had). I will probably be buying superadmin/co-owner/head admin.
  10. Your Steam ID: hmmm nope Your In-game Name: Melon God Abusers Steam Name: Vincent Jones Abusers Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:96730142 Time/Date: September 26/27 Evidence of Abuse: The first one is an hour long, so go to 32 minutes (I have him deleting my base, doors, and kicking me afterwards) (Click on youtube button and make it full screen if the quality is bad) Server of Incident: non-Wiremod (CF I think) Other Information: More info coming soon (he only kicked me, after all). It also says he may be an FMod. The google drive link is the one where I have him in person (deleting my base). The second youtube link shows the console logs. the first youtube link shows the chat.A lot of other people were involved, including Cetla and Carlo Gambino.
  11. Ok... One more question. How does Rank Upgrade +1 or + 2 work? Could you be a superadmin, buy Rank +2, then become Head Admin? And then after that, could you buy it again and become elite master global for only 65Â bucks? If not, how exacty does this work?
  12. lel.... Can I pay directly for server keepup instead of Putin?
  13. So $10 extra just for that? Wow, that's unbelievable. Also I might buy superadmin.... Is there a full guide on the process? Link would be nice  And what is difference between Master global and Elite master Global? I find it EXTREMELY hard to belive that paying $125 extra has no special effect except physgun pickup.
  14. I was looking at the DarkRP store (in case I wanted to buy something), and I saw that Co-Owner and superadmin were pretty much the same, except for the names. Is there a difference? Does it have to do with the server files/console?
  15. So this doesn't follow the template because I have solid proof and a console screenshot that will show you guys everything Here. I think an admin was on, but their were just too many people trolling.