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  1. Steam Name: Amorganskate Steam URL: Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:49400693 Why I want to be a beta tester: I Always Loved this server to the day i just joined. once i just joined the server i knew it was going to be a good server because admins are nice,and I always will be on the server everyday(but i got school and school ends at 2:15)
  2. My Steam id : Cant connect to steam ID Finder My in game name: Karll Marx Player Name : Super kiwi Players Steam Id: STEAM_0:1:97464332 March,1st,16 2:38(i think) I have 2 people who witnessed this + vids of him( But i do not know how to paste them) (do not know what Omitted is) I have videos of him Pking people.(i need to know how to paste them)
  3. Thanks Lonelys Working on it
  4. Says i Dont have The New Map What do i do?
  5. 1.7 weeks later
  7. +Support
  8. ...
  9. Thank You Very Much
  10. This is outragious I want to know why Im banned this long
  11. Yes im very pissed thats all their is 1 day ban could been better but this is BULL SHIT
  12. amorganskate Obama Bin Ladin (Banned for 24477 minute  STEAM_0:1:49400693 Zonggy(i forgot his name) C/F  Rping in a Non-RP Atemp rdm Random WC Admin(I dont know him name) because i wasnt givein a warning or no jail just a simple ban  Â
  13. I appealed before 2 week ban and switch to 1 week and past 1 week so????
  14.  Your name: (Amorganskate S1r 3utter zuts) Your ban length: (2 weeks) Your Steam ID: (STEAM_0:1:49400693) Banned by: (Foxorio) Server name: (C/F) Reason: (Having way to much Hp) Involved: (Admin:Gay) Why we should unban you: (I didn't want the one who gave the hp was gay just changed my hp+i got arrest so my hp reset back to 100,then gay made my hp 0 and i feel sorry for what happen i want to put this behind us)
  15. I have photos of his commands he used. My Username amorganskate