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  1. Okay whatever I'll wait
  2. No, my friends were over and there my friends but they are jerks sometimes and i really love this server and i have many black friends i like black people I didn't want to be racist my friends are just d-bags sometimes and I really want to play on the server. Â Idk how but I got unbanned last night and I played on the server for 3 hours and it was really friend I stayed up all night.Â
  3. Well thanks for all the Help
  4. Your name: Fluffaygins / Rodney  Your ban length: 2 weeks Your Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/fluffaygins/ Banned by: No Idea (wasnt there) Server name: Eugecus Roleplay | Custom | Friendly Reason: Disrespect Involved: My friend and the admin Why we should unban you: I was in the bathroom and my friend thought it would be funny to write I hate black people on the ground with rope and I really like your server I plan on playing it a lot and I have already logged plenty of ours into the server I have been wrongfully banned because it was my friend that did it and not I Please Unban and keep up the good work with the server, Have a nice day :)    1Â