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  1. I am with red on this one
  2. I'm sorry if this displeases you but I like the sit anywhere addon for a couple reasons: 1. Allows Gangsters/Mob Bosses to travel together in a group with a Vehicle 2. Allows benches to be used for once in rp 3. If not abused it could prove quite useful in trying to travel with friends So I am Against the removal of the Sit Anywhere Addon. I hope that I can make a difference. "The Eye Never Lies"
  3. Yeah I remember Good times, Good Times indeed...
  4. I have been on this Server for nearly 3 years now, and I when I left months ago and came back 2 weeks ago I noticed something had changed... There weren't really any big gangs against each other anymore. No Gang wars, Just the Small PD and the Big Gang... It's sad really... When I joined back I had hoped to see 2 Big gangs against each other and a Big PD, But I was wrong and I started the Eagle Eye Crew. And I waited, and waited, and waited... No other gang rose up... It got boring. So much so that I wanted to begin another gang just to have some damn fun... We need the old days back when Big gangs fighting each other was actually a thing and not just the PD... How do you feel about the Subject? Respond below! "The Eye Never Lies"
  5. I am not going to warn you again Stop the Vulgarity NOW. I don't care about this but if you two have a problem deal with it elsewhere because I will not tolerate this type of Childish Behavior on my post. LEAVE NOW! Trojan I am not going to say this again LEAVE IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! DO NOT ATTACK ADMINS ON THEIR OWN INTRODUCTION PAGE!
  6. Welcome to the Forums, and Watch the rooftops you might be next "The Eye Never Lies"
  7. Thank you for Responding Lonely. I am Glad to hear there was a Reason to the Removal of those great Addons. Oh Well if we can't go back there is only one direction we can be going... Forward I hope there will be new addons in our near future "The Eye Never Lies"
  8. Welcome to the Forums and just so you know I forgive you for making that Hateful Comment on my Introduction Page. "The Eye Never Lies"
  9. I was upset to know that the Playable Piano was gone because it just added some fun into the Server. As I have heard, many share my opinion but I would understand if it was gotten rid of for Server issues. But I am still trying to figure out why the News Reporter Job was gotten rid of. I loved that job so much and how you were able to get a Television and watch it in your base/home/shop. Can someone please tell me of why these two things were removed? Thank you and please reply with your opinion on the matter. "The Eye Never Lies"
  10. Leave the Vulgarity out of this Trojan you know better than this. Everyone Please stop the Cussing in this. This isn't about hate on Admins of the Server... We make mistakes here and there so stop trying to dig up something so small and worry about the bigger things. (Trojan I am sorry for what I did but do not curse an Admin out on they're own introduction Page... Thank You)
  11. Feelin like Makin some heads role... Anyone feel the same?

  12. Thank you very much Gentlemen for the big welcome... I am glad to be a Super Admin.
  13. Glad to hear it incorrect I will keep in touch
  14. ✯Well gents this is it... after 2 years of Playing on the server I have finally got Superadmin and I am ready to uphold the rules of this Great Server. And to Uphold the Rules of the Eagle Eye Crew. Oh and uh... Make sure you watch the rooftops... you might be my next kill. Remember, The Eye Never Lies.✯
  15. I'm not sure what happened in the first Place because I was underground most of the time when I was banned. Maybe there was a Mass Prop Killer with maybe a similar name Like mine? I'm not sure. All I wish to be unbanned so I can play DarkRP again. (PS) I was underground because I was a Hobo