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  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. After i was told the quote below, i thought f*ck this sh*t i miss eugecus so i'm back. Lol, my leaving lasted about 2 weeks. I'm fine w/ staying Premium on the forums/noaccess in-game. Hope to see you all :)
  3. HE WILL???? :D imma come back on :D
  4. Hello everyone. I've decided that i'm done. Playing on the server has been a fun time, and thank you all for that experience. I have decided to leave the Eugecus Community for a couple of reasons. First, a ton of irresponsible 10 year olds have bought a staff position and abused it on a major scale, such as Nocollide Abuse, Noclip off duty, cloak of duty, godmode off duty, tp off duty, and they never learn. I've tried to inform them to stop doing what they're doing but they're ignorant. It's clear to me that they're not going to learn how to use their staff powers correctly. Thank you all for playing with me. I've made a 50-minute-long video of some of my experiences playing on Eugecus. Farewell. ~ etc2002 ~ koalas up my nose ~ etc2002 with koalas up my nose ~ koala bear ~ friendly man ~ freindley man ~ general freindley man ^ All the names i've played as. ^ Goodbye, hope to see you all in the near future, good luck and best wishes. -etc2002 the video i promised you: Click me for da vid
  5. gratz nosho
  6. WHY ARE THERE ONLY 4 JOBS (ALL THE REST DELETED) AND WHY ARE ALL THE VEHICLES DELETED? Only jobs are citizen, gun dealer, medic hobo, rest - poof! gone??? is this a bug or did someone do this? All weapons are gone from gun dealers.. This is on cf 24/7.. Everyone thinks this is the end of the server..
  7. Seems legit. Happy new year #HappyNewYear2k16
  8. Same. 3 MINUTES!
  10. ~ Pointshop ~ I agree they should remove powerups, but also weapons should be removed. I also think more original models should be added. ~ Admin Tools ~ Yes! We need logs so bad! We cant even tell appart rdm yet. ;/ Also, we really need an !report system! ~ Fixes ~ I Agree With these. ~ Maps ~ Either the map needs to be fixed/removed, but the coder of the map has to fix it so id say remove it. ~ Rules ~ Ehh, i think bridge breaking should be allowed, you cant break all bridges, so there is always a way to get around anyways. ~ Addons ~ Yes! Spectator Deathmatch for the win! My general oppinion: +Support.
  11. -support, would be a good idea, like they said it would say ____ Has been made an undercover cop, and the color of it cant blue and gray (Cop + Gangster) So they could easily tell you were a cop.
  12. I've already met you in-game. Your mature, one of the qualities some admins don't have (most do but others not so much). Welcome to the forums and welcome to Eugecus! :)
  13. Nice! Gratz lonelywolf your a really good dev and hope to see you improve the server! :)
  14. Gratz cold! :)
  15. Should have been more specific, i meant like making a base with owned doors while NO RP. Also sellings guns & drugs?