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  1. +support   That Doesent Sound Right
  2. Your Name:Steam:Brutal Effectz DarkRP:EG Midnight Ban Length:1 Week SteamID:steam_0:1:77260108Â Admin That Baned Me:I Dont Remember I Always Forget -_- Server Name:Non-Wire Reason:Throwing A Prop In The Air Trying To Kill Myself And Killed Someone Else Involved:Dont Remember Why Should We Unbann You:Cause I Dont Think Its Right To Be Banned For A Week For Prop Killing
  3. Your name:Steam Name:Brutal Effectz  RP Name:EG Galaxy Your ban length:Perma Your Steam ID:steam_0:1:77260108 Banned by:Unknown Server name: Non-Wire Reason:I Have No Clue Involved: No one Why we should unban you:Cause All I Was Doing Was Playing With An Friend And A Perma Banned Poped Up
  4. Yes Mod And Yeah I Dont Think Its Right
  5. You're Name:Brutal Effectz  Brutal Ban Length:1440 Mins Steam ID:steam_0:1:77260108 Banned By:Unknowed Server Name:Non-Wire Reason Of Bann:Prop Push Anyone Involvevd:No One Reason We Should Unbann You:Today Is An Amazing Day Im Buying Mod Today And I Would Hate To Not Use It While Im Banned.