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  1. Congrats No Sho
  2. i have a AMD R925X2 so i should be fine
  3. One Word "Exactly"
  4. Why did i just waste my life on this video?
  5. I'm thinking of getting Just Cause 3 is it any good?
  6. Who care's The keypads work fine just don't mess it up
  7. What did i do then? As i said before is pervious posts he should get his packet logs, but he probably just have bad Internet or somebody is ddosing or dosing because GoboRobo have alot of enemies!
  8. what did i do exactly? i never said i ddosed or dos whatever you want to call it. it was all Universe said where he lives and chang making "fuck you" signs as you see in the video plus you can Universe made a text screen saying "Gobo your in Wallingford Connedicut IP Addres". plus i did tell Universe to Shh. of course i know where Alpha live as i talk to him on Skype.
  9. Not this again i never ddosed or dos you stop keep making the same post over and over again
  10. WTF did i just watch?
  11. All i got to say is WTF
  12. +Support
  13. did i do it?....... I would never do that
  14. i'm not saying i did ddos you or not but how did you get ddosed if that wasn't your ip? you only crying because i kicked you multiple time for NoClipping While Rping etc... that is why you are mad