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  1. Sup

    being gay
  2. Well, I guess this is good by, this will be the last time I'll visit this page. Shout out to everyone who we had fun with, if anyone still is up to play or talk hmu on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/Lua_/
  3. It is a very comman idea xd Warned myself Also, I have fixed up the server a decided to leave the staff and the players alone. I won't be active nor manage the community anymore, I'll leave it be as it's the suggestion of everyone but I will still develop for it but for the time being I will only develop for Eugecus as I have a shit ton of things to worry about atm. So, to sum it up yes I will have rcon and the ftp and forums admin but I wont manage the server for the time being. Due to my break from managing this I recommend this: Alpha - Fadmin - Manages all aspects Cookie - Fadmin Mega - Fmod Avenger - Fmod Another fmod but alpha and cookie should vote on one. Fhelpers REDS Krippen
  4. Alright I fixed a couple of things, the server is playable atm still fixing shit up but add me on steam if you need your rank, or you found bugs that need to be fixed! http://steamcommunity.com/id/Lua_/
  5. Plane just landed I'll be on soon guys.
  6. I'll be on cleaning shit up
  7. Agreed.
  8. Never said anything about "spring cleaning". but you aren't my "leader" as you can see my rank is above you and alawys will be no doubt. Also I can give 2 less shits if you have the money back, you did the action of scamming aka if you want to talk about your past you have scammed. This thread will be closed, to answer everyone's questions eg will be revived. Just PM me if you are willing to take your old rank back or help out in anyway and I will discuss it with Alpha. Closed.
  9. Well I guess you are right, thanks for the clarification. But then again you got banned for scaming, so let's not talk about who you were but what you are right now. You are 100% correct, not denying I wasn't part of it. But I am willing to rebuild it. Note: I have sent a message to alpha and we will be discussing what everyone's ranks and who is going to help this time soon. Please either add me or PM on steam if you are free to help rebuild Eugecus, so we can discuss you whenever we plan to have a call.
  10. Had to prove myself to tj that I am "Nazi Germany"
  11. I never took power tj lol I was assigned it, I'm not the main central power, Alpha is. He said it himself, I just have a huge ego ofcourse so yea. Ever heard of constructive criticism, I guess not. But tj I apologize for hurting your feelings, don't be a pussy is a tough word on you, my bad. Hail hitler. Yes I was rofl.
  12. Correction: I started high school 2 years ago, so don't be a retard. Also, age does not matter bud. He was given the FTP because I trust his knowledge, this time I could care less about loop holes, if someone tries to be a smart ass and loophole the rules I will blacklist them personally. Yea, I do have a huge "EGO" and I deserve to have one lmao, you would know why if you knew me personally. So it isn't the "central" powers it is just me, don't put shit on other people if you are going to blame someone don't be a fucking pussy and not clarify who they are. I have lost my respect to you as people may have misunderstood you and thought you were talking about @Alpha. Alpha does not deserve bullshit as he is a great guy himself. So please don't be a pussy and clarify. Just a note for everyone I have decided to do this for fun, not for money or anything. Just for pure fun and get back with some old friends.
  13. I'll contact Putin soon, and will restore mine, alphas and cookiemasters ranks on the forums. Idk if I still have root access here I'll check when i get home
  14. Also another thing, I won't be on my PC for the next 5 days probably but I have given incorrect the FTP accses and he will help me out with that bullshit as I trust him and he has learned some Lua which can help us.
  15. Hey bud, I know me place in the gmod community and almost everything join in with it. There is no "board" never has been bud SECONDLY ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED LOL... You can not have fucking 200 slots on a gmod server, the max is 128 Anyway, for everyone who actually want to play the server and want their ranks if they were master++ or above pm me on steam. I still have ftp and rcon. You should be scared, I am known for my ego and no one has crossed it. I guess hide your kids and your wives. Pm me on steam I'll rank you Also after Putin made the post he hasn't been on for the past 14 day lmao
  16. Sexy wanna fuck?
  17. Agreed
  18. Toxic
  19. coming to a store near you! best cheat in 2k17
  20. well then if a no one wants me back to help out ill see ya guys later hope everyone will have a good rest of their lives bye bye
  21. Always intrested to go back to the way it was as it was fun, hmu when you need me steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Lua_/ RIPPPP Putin died again lol well anyway I still have ftp, rcon and access to the control panel. If anything needs to be fixed or added PM me on steam
  22. My account hasn't been hacked.... http://steamcommunity.com/id/Lua_/
  23. All I can understand from this is that you banned someone who got killed. If that is not it please explain more because if that's correct your admin banning permissions will be suspended.
  24. 6PM EST on 4/3/2016 Eugecus Modified Roleplay will be released. Have any questions reply here! Hopefully I can answer everything.
  25. I already have a write up almost done with screenshots it will be posted at the time of the release