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  1. I lowkey want this cancerous server to come back. Hopefully Putin, you can get it up and running again!
  2. Idk

    This was great.
  3. sounds very cool. I guess it changes it up from vanilla all the time.
  4. So done xD Happy birthday brah.
  5. Steam name: Gang Steam URL: SteamID: STEAM_0:1:58630326 Why you want to test the server?: cus i have your nudes kid. I am also MLG af. (lol jk) but i am super bored and need something besides vanilla to entertain me. Will provide feedback.
  6. Really.. someone please kill me.
  7. Nice on 200+ rep, brah u earned it.
  8. 3.8k hours on Gmod later.
  9. Neutral, I really like this sit anywhere thing but if people are using it to exploit then thats not ok
  10. Welcome and @reds i love your signature XD
  12. lol
  13. That rule was not in place before he was m++
  14. Thanks
  15. This went south so fast, jesus. #banallthehackersthatgetmyip. Anyone want to link me a good vpn lol