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  1. Hopefully putin won't let abuse go that far this time ._.
  2. Is it really coming back?
  3. I know i shouldnt post here, but i was jailed for messing around with some guy (im sure it was Method who jailed me -.-) and the admin who jailed me said i was "abusing" just for playing around with some guy. Yes i was killing him, and he was killing me as well. ... Sorry for posting ;) here -Remove this if you want
  4. Happy Birthday!
  5. idk, hes a stray, but he has brown spots on him, and hes white.
  6. +/- support Meth is pretty hard to make, takes time and isn't much, especially because most of it goes to just buying the stuff to make the meth. But 100k seems a little bit too much, id say raise it to more than 32k but not more then 100k.
  7. your picture looks like my dog.
  8. damn .-.
  9. Steam name: mendeez51091 Steam URL: SteamID: STEAM_0:1:85515667 Why you want to test the server?: I want test the server because i love custom friendly, and I've always wanted it to be modified with more add ons but it never was, so i want to see what EG can do with add ons, plus id love to help the server more.
  10. wow...
  11. -support If someone's abusing it just punish them
  12. how long of a ban
  13. I'm sure you get discounts where ever you work...
  14. ... another paid fmod
  15. He bought it?