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  1. It will come back as long as Putin is able to make money again off of it. But honestly we would need a new Dev considering the amount of hate our old one recieved. Plus he was power hungry AF.
  2. Sup

    Getting my life together finally.... but has EG been populated lately? Cause I would love to hop on and play every now and then but I can't really be in game often enough to help build up cause of work and what not. But I can be on the forums a decent amount using my phone. Oh and sorry about 'necroing' *sarcasm*
  3. I've been on and every once in a while someone else will hop on but they just end up PKing and I need my rank back.
  4. Boi is that really you?? You look nothing like how you act.
  5. Hey Semy. I never had any personal problems with you. So good to see you back to help the restoration of EG.
  6. Yo whats up spicy bois My life fell apart and i lost a lot but i still have EG and you guys so dont demote me and ill be a good ass mod
  7. No but you know what is? 12 skins.
  8. What if I am your girlfriend and it's just a catfish the whole time?
  9. Idk

    Pretty fucking funny tbh. lol
  10. @The Green Arrow Here so he sees this gets notification.
  11. Happy birthday youngster. lol
  12. He's saying you decision will stay but he wants to know why Green Arrow impulsively banned without even a sit or warning. For a reason that was pretty dumb tbh
  13. I'm confused aren't you an admin? Or is it another admin you are reporting?
  14. I would be that guy who only stops in once or twice so if you want to add me if you got extra room or something sure.
  15. Rest in Pandas...