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  1. 1. RIP 2.RIP 3.RIP It was fun while it lasted. See you guys around I hope!
  2. As much as I hate pking I would hate to see it go. It's like an addiction if that is the right word.
  3. Yea 50 sounds fine not 100
  4. We had an anti pk. Twas very annoying. I hated it. You can make a suggestion if you would like.
  5. Oh lol never mind I am +support now. I knew it would be messed up.
  6. I get a dislike why I am expressing my opinion lol? My 21 is now a 20 man I worked for that :'( Hope you caught my sarcasm I don't care about rep. Lol I would like the cooling to be automatic I do agree on that.
  7. When lones doesn't whitelist you. :(
  8. Welcome back haven't seen you in like 2 years last octoberish.
  9. 103 fucks have now been used in this post. I guess we really do care. Hurt me plenty*
  10. -support would mess up the eco as it is already messed up with admins / users who have hundreds of millions of dollars. But I like the printers not complaining.
  11. I think we should do that only if we keep m9k. Yesh please.
  12. A definition of an edge lord. Lol I didnt know what it was I dont have a clue about this lingo.
  13. Aw. Hateful lmao Lie hell send https://i.gyazo.com/a7e1caf4f5e8fcd393e8acbe1e63f22d.png
  14. No problem man thanks for the thanks. Here to welcum :p