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  1. Foxorio killed the server
  2. Your name: (Steam name and DarkRP name) Steam: luckylems DarkRp:Lemons Your ban length: (Length of your ban) 8 Weeks Your Steam ID: (Insert Steam ID here)STEAM_0:0:68437508 Banned by: (Admin that banned you) Lonely Wolf Reason: (Why were you banned, what was listed as the reason) Playing Porn In Theater Involved: (Who was involved?) Myself Omitted From Deciding: These videos were request from other players. After these videos were played overwatch actually teleported me to him and told me to stop playing and i did, and it was resolved. 24 hours later lonely bans me without any notice mid gameplay. Why we should unban you: (A motivation for why we should unban you, or why your ban should be shortened) I was a super admins for 3 years and i just bought headadmin 2 days ago. I am a dedicated player and casually play.
  3. I stole a car without adverting it and as a joke to my friend i lied about it then gave myself my own punishment of a 2 dayban. This was then later edited to at least 6 weeks for banning oneself to avoid punishment.
  4. Goodness i feel four weeks is to long is that really necessary?
  5. Hello i was banned for 4 weeks i was told 6 days ago that it would only be 5 days. I am look for a more accurate date/time. Thankyou! Ign: Kitty Lemons steam id: STEAM_0:0:68437508
  6. Yea i think i banned my self as a joke and then someone fixed the time and description.
  7. Your name: Steam: luckylems Ig: Kitty Lemon Your ban length: Perma Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:68437508 Banned by: Unknown Server name: non wiremod i think Reason: I was banned for Stealing a car without adverting then lying about it to a master++ Involved: Me and a matter++ Why we should unban you: Im a superadmin and i have played on the server for 3 years
  8. Copy the stuff below into your thread and fill it out.  Your name: (Steam name and DarkRP name) steam/luckylems darkrp/Lemons Your ban length: (Length of your ban)Perma Your Steam ID: (Insert Steam ID here)STEAM_0:0:68437508 Banned by: (Admin that bann) I banned myself Server name: (Server name, available server names are: wiremod, non-wiremod and 24/7) Non wiremod normal server Reason: (Why were you banned, what was listed as the reason) I banned myself by accident Involved: (Who was involved?) myself Why we should unban you: (A motivation for why we should unban you, or why your ban should be shortened) im an admin who banned myself by accident Â