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  1. I don't actually like anime
  2. twitter is gr8
  3. You banned even though you are not allowed to do that with you current rank. Megamijman banned you for a week but lonely increased it. It's supposed to be permanent. Second, I adverted and mendeez(also an admin) had the proof of it. You physgunned your car everytime I lockpicked it so you could stop me. The first time you did this I immediately called an admin, where after I was then returned. Once returned, I started lockpicking again(keep in mind, my point of return was right on the car where i had left off.) That is all
  4. Memememe
  5. I see my sprays and some others. In a lot of cases I can't see anything though but I can hear the sound.
  6. +support Hobo King with pissing swep. gr8
  7. I looked at your rep and I immediately said "Damn, Daniel" oh my god that's really awful.
  8. Not you. <3
  9. Hiya Trojan, welcome to the forums! :)
  10. The anime is called HunterxHunter, you're welcome. <3
  11. Happy Birthday Figget!
  12. Hope your birthday is amazing Krawn <3 Happy B day!
  13. I recently became a fan of this band called the Eden Project and this is one of their songs I really like. Give it a listen Also, feel free to check my spotify, I have quite a few playlists with different songs in them.