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  1. Wtf are you talking about Eragoon? If you found right community for you just stay there, who cares about you dude? I didn't scam anyone. If you think opposite way, prove it! You were actually one of user who paid, and paid more then most of admins . So, probably you had a motivation to do so? I used to run the community the same from beginning, nothing changed from there. Many users (like you, especially) enjoyed and tried to get highest position on forums and server. Don't forget that time.
  2. I'm still in process of recovering everything, including the server. When i get done i will review your info. Thanks
  3. what u want to do ?
  4. so loading is much faster than it was before?
  5. any issues with site loading so far?
  6. Ok, trying to restore good old EG. Some users were demoted, like lonely, seems like his main account on steam was hacked, if you want your spot back contact me
  7. Ok, I like how it works. This dude was trying to tell me that he is mega developer that almost works for NASA and Sends food to hungry moon's squirrels, however, he decided to help small gmod community with server development. He wasn't asking for nothing beside master global rank on server. After asking him of proofs of his work, he said he has no dev profiles and getting paid straight from server's owners to his paypal. Then, after i Declined his gorgeous offer, he made me another great deal, just to unban him so he can start fresh. I dont usually perma ban someone, but when i do i have a good reason. But i dont remember it in this situation. So After all i found out he was trying to get the rank using fake receipt. And another interesting thing he forwarded me to his steam group with one participant(himself) and that obviously was made couple of hours ago to prove that he is super developer.
  8. I didn't get about what eragon was talking. No. This is the answer. We are not going to make one. There is no way it can help grow eg popularly, just because eg will get in some adult category of search engines.
  9. yeah at the end of the month i will get back home and start working on servers so yeah guys
  10. Im about to play some cs go and want to record some videos for eugecus youtube channel. IF you want to play please message me or add me on skype eugecus
  11. No, Look. He will check his penis size Smaller - " Damn, no girls will be interested in it, so i guess I will spend some more time on EG" Larger - " Yeah, I'm too good for those girls, so i guess I will spend more time playing on Eg, so i can show my dick pics to players, so they can get Jealous" Profit :D
  12. Ok Happy birthday ! I will just leave it here lol.