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  2. Just re add me, I went through my friends list a while ago and cleaned it.
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  4. is the TTT server still running... or any server actually?
  5. Cookie you removed me on steam ;-;
  6. What is happening
  7. I didn't even know this site was still up... are we making a come back? Let me know and closed this because it's a spam bot
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  9. Hello @4Rsercom. Again, I highly recommend not advertising 3rd party sites. A lot of sites that look real, can be completely malicious, so keep that in mind before going into sites that you listed above. Also, I do appreciate you taking your time out of your day to give some advice. -More info- It seems you posted this in the "suggestion" topic, I highly recommend you post things related to this in "Off-Topic" which can be found at
  10. Pretty insane to see an entire rework on the website. Theme is nice though, haha. Also hello PandaCraftGames I hope you are doing well!
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  13. hi

  14. yo this shits still running lmao
  15. hey my dudes
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  17. I have added everyone who sent me friend requests on both my accounts, feel free to contact me on either account I will try to check both of them at least once or twice a day.
  18. Well my current id changed to id/visleaf because no one took it but you can add me there, I sent your a FR request on steam alpha.
  19. Anyone who is interested in bringing this community (Or another one) back please send me a PM and I will add you on skype, this way we can discuss it with more simplicity.
  20. I can most likely help, mostly busy with my own community.
  21. Can't remake a server without a host, don't see Eugecus darkRP servers anywhere. It's dead jimbo, make a new community, call it EG2.0
  22. i'm up for it if you guys are serious
  23. In all reality, we wouldn't need Putin, I doubt he even thinks about this server anymore. If people were willing we could rebuild from the ground up with a new player/staff base.
  24. I'd rather not support a server owner who feeds off the innocent, steals childrens money and is never active only to spam /advert buy admin ranka xd
  25. EG coming back is a dream at this point
  26. Well, I learned Lua and learned everything about it. I'm still bf's with noize so I can easily bring her back but I highly doubt she'd want to get involved with a bunch of EG drama again. As for needing a dev, I can do a lot and so can Lonely considering we both do shit together. If you're curious in getting full main contact of me you can add me @
  27. Are you referring to noize or Lonely?
  28. It will come back as long as Putin is able to make money again off of it. But honestly we would need a new Dev considering the amount of hate our old one recieved. Plus he was power hungry AF.
  29. I would be willing to put time into it, I could try and get in touch with Putin and we can go from there if you guys are interested in coming back.
  30. hahahahahahahha its not coming back stop being retarded.
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