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    • Got banned on Eugecus
      By Overwatch · Posted
      I'm sure that an admin wouldn't ban you for spawning one prop, I'll have to check the ban list and see if you come up. It'll also provide the legitimate reason as to why you got banned and the name of the person that banned you.
    • Darkrp Eugecus Ban
      By Overwatch · Posted
      Dupe, closed.
    • Error Processing Payment
      By CookieMaster · Posted
      Trying buying it while not signed into payal, and just have it send the reocuept to your enial you can do that 
    • Ban Appeal - merz
      By merz · Posted
      Your name: merz  Your ban length: permanently

      Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:53603786

      Banned by: Vinylicious

      Server name: non-wiremod

      Reason: "Speedhacking and bhop"

      Involved: -

      Why we should unban you: I was bhopping, yes. But not scripting - we covered this in a different appeal. I seem to be banned a lot. I also wasn't speedhacking, I used a prop to push myself forward to gain a bunch of speed, and removed the prop after I had a lot of speed. I bhopped down a narrow street without turning once, and then stopped by a bunch of gangsters to see what was going on. I was grabbed by one of the gangsters (Vinylicious), and then asked "what are you going to do to me officer", he then proceeded to open the !menu, and perm ban me for the reason listed above. Both of these are breaking rules, yes. but - I don't think it should be a perm ban >.> maybe another week or two, as I have been banned recently in the past for things related to what I did here.    thx gise    
    • Coding
      By John · Posted
      Myoga gave the wrong link this is the right one.
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